App Of The Month:Pricemate

Pricemate offers a platform for retailers to share their offerings from specials, catalogs, new products, etc. It also allows consumers to chat with the retailers to enquire more about products they have placed on the marketplace or ask for quotations.

What we liked most about it, besides the very simple and minimalist user interface, is the real-time updating of content on the platform. For example, shopping catalogs on the site are updated so that you can never come across an expired one. Products whose prices are reduced are also updated in real-time which is a huge convenience for consumers browsing for specials on the platform.

Once one registers an account on the platform, the functionalities even expand further. One is able to pay for products and track the delivery progress on the user dashboard. There is also the ability to directly chat with listed retailers to enquire for quotations, place an order(for retailers who don't allow online order placement), etc. Payment options include Bank Transfer, DPO, and PayGate. The "Order Notifications" functionality also keeps the buyer updated about the progress of their order.

Only two bothersome issues cropped up in our perusal of the platform. First is a sign-up bug that fails to send an activation to the registering email. Bizarrely, one is able to use the sign-up credentials even without an issue. This can be a big security issue because it means one can use any random email to sign-up for the platform.

Another one is the user dashboard which can get a little confusing. It would be great if there were "info" buttons next to the different components of the dashboard to make it easier to use for users. Lastly, it would also be great if they could add more retailers to the platform. So many categories return "No product(s) available" results which is such a bummer.

All in all, with those issues aside, Pricemate is a great web app for consumers looking for an easy and convenient online shopping experience with retailers whose products are available on the platforms. The clean and simple user interface when browsing for products is a huge plus. The real-time updating of content is also a huge pull factor. We believe it has great potential to grow into a great BW online marketplace going forward!

Check it out here and tell us what you think!

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