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BW TechZone offers numerous opportunities for businesses and brands that are either in the tech industry or have tech-centric products/services to promote and showcase their offerings on our website. 

As Botswana's first and only tech news website, we are well-placed to give your business and brand visibility, access, and exposure to the most important elements in the country's tech industry including potential customers, users, investors, enthusiasts, skilled experts, industry decision-makers, etc.

The following are some of the advertising opportunities we offer:


Display ads appear on our homepage, in between articles and website sidebars. The ad units we offer include a "leaderboard" at the top of the home page after the main menu, "billboards" in between articles on the home page, and "big box" ads on the sidebars of the homepage and other pages. These are great for all forms of brand awareness campaigns including product/service launches, event invitations, and other forms of advertisement. 


At BW TechZone, we understand that content is king and that as a business and brand owner, you want to place your content where it can get you the most return on investment. We offer brands and businesses like yours the opportunity to place different kinds of brand-specific content on our website including blog posts, event promotions, surveys, promotional videos/photos, etc. 


We are ready and waiting to put your business and brand in front of Botswana's tech industry community. Interested? Please see our media kit on this link for all prices and rates.

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