Botswana National E-Commerce Strategy Launched


Today, the government of Botswana through the Ministry of Investment, Trade & Industry (MITI) launched the Botswana National E-Commerce Strategy.

According to the Minister of Investment, Trade & Industry, Mmusi Kgafela, the strategy, which was devised through collaboration between MITI and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), seeks to help local businesses tap into larger international markets by facilitating the exportation of locally produced goods as well as facilitating competition among local businesses.

Speaking during the launch, the UNCTAD director of the Division of  Technology and Logistics, Shamika Sirimanne mentioned that E-Commerce is key for developing countries like Botswana to boost their productivity.

She also made recommendations that would facilitate the success of the strategy such as improved access to affordable broadband, complete cybersecurity strategy, development of a government cloud strategy, extension of international services provided by ISPs as well as exploring the possibility of positioning  Botswana as a data twinning location.

To empower SMEs through E-Commerce so they can take full advantage of the strategy, she made recommendations including SMEs training programmes on aspects such as digital entrepreneurship, e-marketing tools as well as the creation of e-marketplaces and virtual communities for SMEs.

Some so-called "megaprojects" to facilitate the success of the strategy were also announced during the launch. These were: an E-Commerce Hub, a National B2C E-Commerce Platform, Strengthening of the Tourism Sector through E-Commerce, an E-Marketplace for Diamond Beneficiation, a Beef Industry E-Commerce Initiative, a Rural E-Commerce Initiative as well as empowerment of youth and SMEs.

The national E-Commerce portal, BWREKA, was also launched. According to Kefentse Mooketsi of Amor Ferm PTY (LTD) who were responsible for developing the portal, the platform will help local businesses be able to list their products on the platform for easy access to final consumers.

The full document of the Botswana National E-Commerce Strategy can be accessed on this link.

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