Opinion: The Need For Digital Transformation

Greetings. Let’s dive into the main topic of our article today, starting with this question: Why is digital transformation important? Most organizations find themselves asking why they should spend millions of Pula or millions of dollars investing in these digital transformations and all these new phenomenons that are coming up in the industry. 

In order to fully understand the importance of digital transformation as an exercise the organization needs to take, it's necessary to look at the progression of technology. This is best explained by three fundamental laws. These three fundamental laws are Moore's Law, Butters’ Law as well as Kryder’s Law. 

Firstly, Moore's law shows us that processing power doubles every nine months. Secondly, Butters’ Law shows us that communication speed doubles every 18 months. And thirdly, Kryder’s Law shows us that storage capacity doubles every 16 months. With all this, we realize something; a phenomenon that shows that the rate of technological growth is exponential. This means the increases between the different data points are greater with passing time. But on the other hand, we as human beings are conditioned to think in a linear way. This would mean we're conditioned to move from three to six to nine to twelve. This is explained directly within our biology. For example, a baby is not going to just wake up one morning and start running 100 meters. The baby's going to start off by wiggling across the floor, and then they will crawl, and then they will try to walk and fall multiple times before they can actually be able to jog, let alone run. Therefore, since businesses are run by human beings, this means that businesses grow at a linear rate, whilst technology grows at an exponential rate. 

Consequently, this creates a big gap between where technology is at as well as where business is at given points in time. This is exactly what creates room for disruption. Disruption basically means that a new player can be able to come to an industry where previous incumbents were thriving and able to completely change the status quo. So, as a result, it's important that organizations that come in must ensure that they actively close the gap between technology advancement as well as their business development. This way, they can be able to close the gap for potential entrants who might come in and disrupt their status quo. It also increases their capability and capacity to be able to continue to grow. 

Now that we understand the importance of data transformation, in closing the gap between business advancement as well as technology advancement; it's necessary for us to look at the different types of technologies that are being deployed worldwide to close this gap. In the next session, we'll be looking at some of these different technologies that have been used in the recent past. Thereafter, we will look at some of the technologies that are being used right now as we speak in advanced economies. Lastly, we will look into some of the technologies that we're still experimenting with our various clients.

By Tavonga Muchuchuti

Tavonga is the Managing Director of Xavier Africa, a software development agency based in Gaborone, Botswana

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