You Can Now Transfer Money From Any Bank Account To Orange Money

Orange Money Botswana has teamed up with pan-African payments company Cellulant to enable card-to-wallet transfers for 8 banks in Botswana. 

The Orange Money Card-To-Wallet service enables customers to transfer money online from any bank account to an Orange Money wallet and is available to all Orange Botswana customers with bank accounts, allowing them to instantly send money to any Orange Money wallet regardless of who they bank with.

The sender does not need to have an Orange Money account; they are only required to have a registered Orange sim card, while the recipient needs an Orange Money wallet.

Orange Money Card-To-Wallet transaction

This partnership enables customers to move funds straight into their Orange Money wallets from their bank accounts through their cards. While most banks in Botswana have Mobile apps, a few still do not provide this option for their customers. This solution will now allow bank customers to move money from their bank accounts to their Orange Money wallets through the Orange Botswana website, a process that is powered by Tingg. This applies to both the banks that have apps and those that do not.

The partnership further solves the long queues that customers have to make to access the agents. This solution, therefore, gives bank customers more options and as a result, customers experience ease and accessibility in moving money seamlessly. 

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