Orange Launches A Commercial 5G Network and A Digital Center In Botswana

Last week, mobile network operator Orange's Botswana subsidiary, Orange Botswana, announced the launch of a digital center and a 5G network in the country.

The digital center will train young people in digital technology and enhance their employability with its programs, which will be provided free of charge to everyone. Four strategic programs, being a coding school, a solidarity FabLab, and the Orange Fab startup accelerator, a digital manufacturing workshop, and an OrangeFab startup accelerator supported by Orange Ventures Middle East & Africa, the investment fund of the Orange Group, will be included in the facility.

In addition, Orange Botswana, in partnership with other universities in the country, will train students for free and roll out Orange Digital Center Clubs, extensions of the Orange Digital Center, within some universities in the regions.

Launch of commercial 5G network

Orange Botswana also announced the launch of a commercial 5G network, becomes the first African subsidiary of Orange to launch such a network. The 5G network will cover 30% of the population in the capital Gaborone and second city Francistown and will enable new health, education and security services will also be used to launch other services including connected vehicles, connected cities, real-time gaming, smart homes, and learning through VR and augmented reality.

Orange Botswana also introduced new 5G fixed broadband and mobile data bundles for residential customers and small and medium enterprises. The fixed offers will be available from 15Mbps for prepaid and 20Mbps for postpaid with a monthly rental from P699.00.
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