Founders Spotlight: Pako Daniel Moatshe (Co-founder, Blue Waters Technologies)

Through Blue Waters, a clean-tech startup, Pako wants to revolutionize the water sector through innovation and in doing so introduce and challenge current methods and techniques, and in achieving this we aim to pursue the highest standards of technology. In this interview, the Molepolole native takes us through his love for creating alternative solutions, his role models, his entrepreneurship journey with Blue Waters and more!

In your own words, tell us who Pako Moatshe is

I’m a 25-year-old tech enthusiast from Molepolole. Professionally and academically I’m a civil engineer with a strong background in water/wastewater engineering and structural engineering. I would describe myself as a creative thinker. I like to explore alternative solutions to problems and have an open mind about what will work best. My creativity has made me an effective team leader because I can anticipate problems and innovate solutions. I take a lot of inspiration from past and current pioneers of different major industries; it can be either Mr David Magang, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Howard Hughes, Strive Masiyiwa etc.

I see them as a reference and as people whose impact and life trajectories I want to emulate.

Briefly take us through your journey to a career as a tech entrepreneur

I would believe my career as a tech entrepreneur started at a university level, where I curiously participated in an online hackathon (IBM University Challenge), where we emerged victorious, scooping position 3 on the global stage, I was doing my 4th year at that time, and that’s when I fell in love with tech. I felt that tech was one way I can have an impact on society.

And through that hackathon, I met my co-founder of our start-up (BLUE WATERS), and ever since it’s been an amazing journey of unforgettable memories, learning and progressive growth.

Please tell us more about your startup, Blue Waters

Blue Waters was established in December 2020. We are a clean-tech start-up focused on water & wastewater. We want to revolutionize the water sector through innovation and in doing so introduce and challenge current methods and techniques, and in achieving this we aim to pursue the highest standards of technology and tech - professionalism.

 As alluded to above, the co–founders of Blue Waters ( me & Tlotlo Kgotlafela) met through the IBM University Challenge hackathon in December 2020, where the theme at that time was ‘’Water Sustainability’’ and we went on to clinch 3rd place globally. In 2021, we joined the Call for Code IBM Global Challenge where we emerged as regional finalists (Africa & Middle East).

 In 2022, we achieved a great deal as we were selected as winners of the Entrepreneurship World Cup – National Finalists and had a chance to represent Botswana, Southern Africa and pan – African Continent on the global stage in Saudi Arabia in March 2023.

We are currently a team made up of a blend of engineers, software developers, scientists, and hardware developers. We are presently at pre–seed stage and most of our operations have been running on bootstrapping. In the coming months, we aim to go through a series funding to help with the expansion of our current team and level of operations. We are also looking for collaborations, either at a product development stage or with like-minded people to join our operations.

What was the motivation for starting Blue Waters?

My biggest motivation to start Blue Waters was through a realization that there are gaps in many sectors (academic research, resource management and environmental science etc), and relating it to how we exist in the information age and the only way to fill those gaps is to establish a data-centric solution (BLUE WATERS) through technology (or better innovation).

And for me I always say – dreamed of competing on that global level and showcasing my talents and skills to the world. I aim to create the most impactful startup that cuts across different sectors and to establish systems that will last for decades to come.

What challenges have you faced in scaling up Blue Waters?

The biggest challenge has always been resources. This gap cannot be closed with conventional methods of heavy subsidies and free gifts - a new approach is needed: Collaboration, meaningful collaboration.

Let’s have a common understanding that we can ideate, create and impact the world the same way or better as common global companies. We face a major setback in local collaborations, specifically to help us either in product development or to access existing markets/customers.

There haven't been legal regulations for start-ups implemented in Botswana that can help aid the scaling of start-ups, protection of start-ups IP or funding organizations that can help start-ups access funding in the form of loans, grants, payment schemes etc.

But I’m very hopeful that growth in the start-up economy in BW, that will help facilitate the above-mentioned challenges.

How have you been trying to overcome those challenges?

With the power of the internet and how it’s able to connect us to the global village, all the above challenges can somehow be manoeuvred by sourcing help externally.

We can register and base our IP (and thus protect our IP) in different countries, and we can establish external collaborations with stakeholders from different countries, who can help with scaling or product development.

The internet really is a magnificent tool that has helped birth a lot of great companies and will continue doing so.

What do you think the country stands to gain by being fast in adopting such technologies like the ones offered by Blue Waters?

We are in the information age or as they call it the 4th Industrial Revolution. During the 3rd evolution, Henry Ford was by far one of the most imperative inventors of the Industrial Revolution. His primary invention, the automobile, changed life as we know it. It enabled people to go wherever they wanted whenever they wanted. The automobile modernized the transportation industry entirely. Today people don’t often think of how things used to be; one man changed the world as we know it.

Henry Ford put the United States of America on a global pedestal through his inventions and challenging current methods. We as Blue Waters believe we can fill in that gap – that information gap, that is relevant because we exist in the Age of Information. 

Technological breakthroughs have revolutionized communications and the spread of information. In 1875, for example, the invention of the telephone breached distance through sound. Between 1910 and 1920, the first AM radio stations began to broadcast sound. By the 1940s television was broadcasting both sound and visuals to a vast public. In 1943, the world’s first electronic computer was created. However, It was only with the invention of the microprocessor in the 1970s that computers became accessible to the public. In the 1990s, the Internet migrated from universities and research institutions to corporate headquarters and homes. All of these technologies deal with information storage and transmission. Policymakers at the national and international levels argue that harnessing these new technologies holds out promise for developing nations to increase their industrial productivity and growth rates, while simultaneously ensuring more sustainable production and consumption patterns

We want to put Botswana, SADC and pan – the African continent on the global pedestal through Blue Waters; we want Botswana to have a grand opinion with regard to the 4th Industrial Revolution

What do you think can be done to speed up the rate of adoption of such technologies in Botswana?

The digital revolution is transforming economies and driving innovation across all economic sectors. Africa and its leaders are faced with the double challenge of achieving SDG targets while adapting to climate change. Digitally transforming all elements of the continent's economy – from education to healthcare, agriculture to telecommunications will require innovative solutions and inclusive finance strategies.

For Botswana to achieve its true potential, its people need to be empowered with the necessary digital competencies. Botswana needs access to digital tools and technologies while operating within a regulatory environment that protects the safety and interests of all people involved.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers regarding what Blue Waters is up to,project-wise, currently and in the near future?

With regard to Blue Waters, we have set our eyes and vision on positioning Botswana as a potential global tech powerhouse. We have the necessary talent and human resources. We aim to compete globally, and I want Botswana’s name to be written indelibly in history books as one of the countries that responded promptly to the 4th Industrial revolution. We are going to achieve great things.

What advice can you give to young people trying to get into entrepreneurship?

Go for it!

But at the back of your mind always know why you are doing it and set your vision on a global scale, don’t be limited by anything or anyone. Make sure you're passionate about what you do. It is not easy and you're going to be in it for the long haul, so make sure you're fully committed.

Lastly, please share with our readers your contact details in case they want to get in touch with you

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