Starlink To Launch In Botswana In 2024

According to TechSafari, Starlink, the satellite internet company which is a subsidiary of SpaceX, the Elon Musk-led satellite company, will launch its internet services in Botswana in 2024.

Starlink uses ‘Low Earth Orbit’ (LEO) satellites. These satellites are close to the earth’s surface and need a ‘terminal’ to pick up signal from them. A terminal is about the size of a pizza box and just needs a router and power source to set up.

Using LEO satellites means it takes less time for data to travel from terminals on the ground to satellites in orbit which lets Starlink provide internet in rural, unconnected areas.

The first three African countries confirmed to be getting Starlink were Mozambique, Malawi and Nigeria.

The Cost Factor

In Nigeria, Starlink has a $600 set-up, and a $43 monthly subscription.This is a discount compared to the $99 price per month, but still vastly out of reach.

Less than 5% of Africa’s population earns more than $10 a day. Those earning more than $10 a day are living in urban areas - and already have access to internet. 

Unless pricing is reconsidered, adoption of the service might prove to be a challenge in countries like Botswana.

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