Botswana Now Has More Internet Subscribers Than People

According to the latest data by Statistics Botswana, Botswana now has a total of 2,977,845 internet subscriptions (i.e. mobile internet plus fixed internet subscriptions), eclipsing the country's population which stood at 2,346,179 as per the 2022 national census.

Mobile internet subscriptions went up, registering an increase of 4.5%; from 2,721,946 subscriptions in Q3 2022 to 2,844,958 in Q4 2022. Meanwhile fixed internet subscriptions decreased by 13.3% (from 153,207 registered in Q3 2022 to 132,887 in Q4 2022). 

Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, Q4 2022 realised an increase of 16.4% in total internet subscriptions, with both mobile and fixed internet subscriptions registering increases of 15.9 and 30.4 percent respectively.

Mobile money subscriptions also went up by 1.3%, from 1,788.551 registered in Q3 2022 to 1,811,036. Comparing Q4 2022 to the same quarter of the previous year, mobile money subscriptions increased by 10%.

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