Xavier Africa Launches AI Subsidiary

Bespoke software development agency Xavier Africa launched its AI subsidiary, Xavier AI, last week at an event held in Gaborone.

Xavier AI services, including automation of tasks and operations, personalization of service offerings, and efficient analysis of large volumes of data to identify trends indicating opportunities or challenges, have been deployed to the Botswana’s public service since 2022. 

The solution called a Communications Channel Manager, is part of government’s key technology infrastructure and facilitates better, faster and cheaper communication between government departments, and between government and the public. 

“Xavier AI is a dedicated subsidiary of Xavier Africa that focuses on advanced AI research and implementation mainly through computer vision and natural language processing. The launch gave Xavier Africa an opportunity to introduce our services The Super Intern, The Personalisation Engine and Vision X to our existing and potential new clients,” said Tavonga Mchuchuti, Co-Founder and Co-Director or Xavier Africa.  

In his keynote address, Mr. Nonofo Kgaodi, Acting Coordinator Digital Transformation Coordination Office at Ministry of Communication, Knowledge and Technology  highlighted that Xavier Africa had been working with the Ministry of Communication, Knowledge and Technology for more than two years. Regarding the new Xavier AI services, Kgaodi further stated, “By integrating AI driven solutions into our education system, we can better prepare our workforce for the demands of the knowledge-based economy and ensure that our nation remains competitive in the global market.” 
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