Skymart Up for Sale

One of Botswana's longest-running e-commerce platforms Skymart is up for sale, according to communications seen by BW TechZone.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Christopher Benn in 2012, Skymart grew to become one of the most recognisable e-commerce platforms in the country. Speaking to BW TechZone in 2021, Benn stated that Skymart had plans to go big and bold by making a national rollout plan that will bring eCommerce to the masses including in rural communities, this will involve key partnerships with other stakeholders in the industry.

Referencing the communications seen, the asking price is P80,000 which is negotiable. Buyers can purchase the platform as is or as a platform to rebrand to a different entity.

The platform also claims to have over 12,000 users and 800 merchants in total, with 300 coming from the "PushaBW" initiative by the Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC). It also has over 30,000 email subscribers,65,000 social media followers and an abandoned cart rate of P10 million.

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