Batswana Lead Africa In Proficiency In Online Courses, According To Study

According to online learning platform Coursera's 2023 Global Skills Report, Botswana leads Africa in terms of proficiency in online courses taken on the platform. Globally, the country is placed 29th. 

The report 2023 presents data on 100 countries drawn from Coursera’s registered learner base of more than 124 million learners, concentrating on three of the most popular, job-relevant skill domains: business, technology, and data science. 

In business, Botswana led the continent, with 100% of all learners showing proficiency. In technology, 40% of learners showed proficiency, trailing behind Cameroon and Zambia but outperforming the continental average of 22%. In data science, with a proficiency of 27%, the country was outperformed by Cameroon, Rwanda, and Zambia but still outperformed the continental average of 19%.

In terms of overall enrollment into online courses on Coursera, Botswana recorded 10,513 learners, an increase of 25% from the previous year. 36% of learners who enrolled into courses were women. 

Image source: Semafor/Yinka Adegoke

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