Opportunities: Storkfort Health "Innovation In Healthcare" Challenge

As part of its pledge to support the #8Wmindsetchange drive and to create a culture of innovation, Storkfort Health (SH) seeks to contribute to the #8Wmindsetchange drive by creating a platform for Batswana and all those interested to come up with innovative ideas to transform the national healthcare system. These may include novel ideas, new products, new or improved services or improvement in care pathways that have clear benefits when compared to what is currently being offered within Botswana.

These ideas should be usable, practical, commercially viable, and desirable to individuals seeking, accessing and/or providing health-related services.

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

• Preventive medicine services and products

• Innovation in healthcare delivery

• Digital transformation in healthcare

• Research and development initiatives

• Medicines and related substances manufacturing

• Data management system

Interested individuals and organizations can submit a brief profile and concept note of the proposed innovation to bd@storkfort.com before 1700hrs on 5 September 2023. Successful innovator/s will have an opportunity to work with SH in the development of the idea.

Furthermore, should the innovation be selected, the innovators will have the opportunity to enter a mutually beneficial arrangement with SH which will also cover Non-Disclosure and Intellectual Property Rights.

Innovations/ideas will be assessed based on the following criteria:

• Solving a real problem,

• Can the innovation be tested/prototyped at a small scale.

• Whether the innovation can be scaled up and ability of the innovation to be commercialized or to bring about positive social change.

Only successful innovators will be responded to.

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