Anton Tech Engages In Community Outreach

Local agritech startup Anton Tech partook in two community outreach events including a prize-giving ceremony and primary school debate competition to promote technology education and innovation.

The company sponsored the award for the best science student in Form 3 at Semane Junior Secondary School's prize giving ceremony in Serowe. 

The company also participated in the ICT debate competition hosted by Kidz Academy International School in Kanye. The theme, "Technology Under One Roof - Bridging the Innovation Gap," brought together students from eight different high schools to engage in thought-provoking discussions.

Anton Tech Chief Technology Officer, Tumo Kgabeng, serving as a panelist, contributed valuable insights during the panel discussion on "Can social media be used as the tool that can bridge the gap of technology in society." The dialogue explored the role of emerging technologies in shaping the future of the ICT industry, as well as the potential of social media in this context.

"Anton Tech remains committed to supporting and recognizing young talent and to fostering a love for STEM and technology in society. We believe that by empowering the next generation, we can create a brighter and more innovative future for all," said Kgabeng.

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