Government Planning To Ramp-Up Digitization Plans

According to finance ministry's Budget Strategy Paper,  the government will digitalize over 400 of its service over the next two years. Government will prioritise the services which promote Government to Government (G2G) and Government to Employee (G2E) interactions.

Government adds that hitherto, over 140 online services covering import and export permits; tourism permits; licenses and permits application; tertiary student financing, eHealth among others have been successfully launched. 

In 2024/25, government also plans to undertake the establishment of a cutting-edge national payment switch, fostering seamless, real-time, and cost-effective digital connectivity across a spectrum of financial services. 

"This landmark initiative aims to catalyze the adoption of digital payments, reducing reliance on cash transactions and stimulating a modernized economic system," government said. "As we navigate the ever evolving fintech landscape, the government will diligently assess and adapt to emerging trends, ensuring that digital currencies and novel financial service providers are harnessed for the collective benefit."

In other tech-related developments, Phase 1 of the Village Connectivity project that connects 144 villages is expected to be completed by end of August, 2023 while phases 2 and 3 targeting 61 villages will be completed by the end of financial year, 2023/2024. Government’s plan to further connect more villages will continue in 2024/2025 financial year with phase 4 targeting 301 villages. 

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