How IT Distributors Is Driving Home & Office Security In Botswana

Advancements in technology has made significant changes across industries and markets. Home and office security is no exception to this phenomenon. Over time, we have witnessed security systems evolve from basic alarm systems to state-of-the-art CCTV systems, both in public spaces and in people’s homes. The recent rise in criminal activity has made such security systems a necessity for many. However, there is an important question as to whether this is a possibility for most.

At the Gaborone Consumer Electronics & Technology Show (GCET) showcase this year, we had the chance to speak to Bobby Saththiyavann, the Operations Director at IT Distributors. This company offers a range of IT solutions such as CCTV and access control solutions, ICT maintenance and support services, and technical training courses.

“People are interested in knowing about our products because of the criminal activity. People want to feel safe,” said Saththiyavann in his interview.

He emphasised that the demand for reliable home security systems is growing, as people want to be able to safeguard their homes and offices. Their products, specifically, are great because many other CCTV cameras on the market use motion detection technology to pick up movement. The cameras from IT Distributors, however, are more advanced and can easily detect shapes and faces. As a result, a lot of businesses use their products for office security solutions. He even mentioned that the Fields Mall itself uses their CCTV cameras to help track daily foot traffic into the mall.

He also expressed, however, that one prevalent issue they tend to face is that of internet connectivity speed. He stated that a lot of the times, slow internet speed creates challenges for them when attempting to integrate their products. He hopes that more people can get access to quick and reliable internet connections, as doing so can allow for easier integration of such security products in their homes and businesses.

The benefits of enhanced security systems in homes and businesses can be of great benefit to the consumers who use it, and may even be deemed a necessity given the hike in criminal activity in Gaborone. The question is, however, how many can afford such an investment? Ultimately, it boils down to the consumer and their preferences, priorities and financial means.

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