Umbrella for Democratic Change Accuses Botswana Post of Politicking

Botswana's leading opposition party the Umbrella for Democratic Party (UDC) has accused the Botswana Post of getting involved in the political arena by allegedly livestreaming an event of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) via the service's Facebook page. According to the UDC, no other political party has been extended that privilege before.

"Giving the BDP this type of coverage is calculated as giving an unfair advantage to the BDP over other political parties," UDC said in a statement. "What the state media and the Botswana Post are adhering to is the BDP playbook and nothing else. This is part of Domkragisation of important institutions in the country."

Responding to the accusations, Botswana Post stated that the live streaming of the event was a result of an error by one of its partners. It further stated that the streamed content has been removed.

"We wish to advice our valued stakeholders that, the stream was a result of an error by one of our partners, and not sanctioned by BotswanaPost. We have since removed the content from our page. Please accept this as a sincere apology to our affected stakeholders," Botswana Post said in a statement.

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