Botswana Post Launches "Posa'it" Super App

Botswana Post has launched a super app called "Posa'it". A super app is a one-stop app created by a company, bundling a bunch of services or separate apps within it, aspiring to cover every need of the consumer such as social media, travel, cab services, movie tickets, utility payments, insurance, food, fashion, marketplaces, content, health and wellness to name a few. These offerings will often be bound by a common account and a robust in-app payment system.

Posa'it will consolidate Botswana Post's preexisting digital offerings including PosoMoney and PosoApp and DigiPost into one platform. It will be accessible to both the individual user and the independent agent and vendor business that wishes to resell value-added services such as airtime, electricity, box renewals, insurance premium payments, and Make PosoMoney Cash In and Cash Out transactions. With each transaction, agents and vendors earn a commission.

Through Posa'it, users will be able to access mobile money services through PosoMoney , renew and register their licenses, buy electricity, pay subscriptions and perform traditional Post transactions including renewal of their mailbox.

"What excites us even more about Posa’it is the fact that it was developed in-house by a team of extremely talented Batswana. Our brilliant #Smovers have worked tirelessly to develop a solution that offers exceptional experience beyond postal services. We therefore invite you, Dira gotlhe ka Posa’it," said Tebogo Lebotse Sebego, Chief Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer. 

The super app is currently available for download on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.

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