Fintech Association of Botswana Receives Grant To Combat Digital Scams

The Fintech Association Botswana has been awarded a grant from the Alliance of Digital Finance and Fintech Associations (AllianceDFA) to develop and launch Botswana Scam Radar, a platform for identifying, reporting, and preventing scams in Botswana's digital finance market. 

Botswana Scam Radar aims to create a centralized resource for scam identification and reporting. This platform will empower users to verify the legitimacy of businesses and individuals, report suspected scams, and access educational resources on scam prevention. 

Over the next five years, the platform aims to see a reduction in scam incidents by at least 30%, engage tens of thousands of users, and establish Botswana Scam Radar as the go-to resource for digital finance security in the region by updating the platform with the latest information and tools, we strive to maintain its relevance and effectiveness in combating scams.

The platform will be officially launched in the next 6 months.

"We are incredibly honoured to receive this grant and are eager to launch Botswana Scam Radar to make a significant impact on digital security in Botswana," said Tavonga Muchuchuti, President at Fintech Association Botswana and Project Director for this initiative."This platform will be a game-changer in combating scams and protecting consumers."

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