Local Tech Entrepreneur Launches Procurement App

Local tech entrepreneur Martin De Klerk Moatshe, the Founder & CEO of iFirsh, recently launched the iFirsh app which seeks to make the procurement process easier and more convenient by connecting suppliers and buyers.According to Martin, the app aims to "expose, grow and scale small businesses" by giving them access to market, making sure they do not miss on potential sale prospects, and helping them digitize their operations.

On the supplier side, businesses can download the app and receive requests for quotations (RFQs) from potential buyers. On the buyer side, customers including individuals and procurement officers are able to source quotations from different suppliers via the app.

At a time when it is essential to limit movement in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, the iFirsh app aims to provide a convenient way for all elements of the procurement process to be able to do business while limiting movement, queueing, etc.

After completing 8 months of the Africa Entrepreneurship Program by the Wadhani Foundation, the app is now certified as a "Real Practice Venture".

The app is available on Android and can be downloaded on this link(Supplier) and this one (Buyer) via the Google Play Store. The first 300 companies to register the app will get a free 3 months subscription to use it.

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