Motswana Startup Founder Selected For Blackstone LaunchPad Fellowship

Tuduetso Masire, founder of healthtech startup MatchAPro, has been selected to be a part of the Blackstone LaunchPad Fellowship, a 7-week immersive program designed to support student entrepreneurs across the Blackstone Launchpad's network of American universities. Tuduetso recently completed her Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Southern California (Marshall School of Business).

Run in partnership with Future Founders, the 2022 Summer Blackstone LaunchPad Fellowship will empower 90 student startups with entrepreneurial resources, mentorship, education, and financial assistance. Student participants will benefit from a community of fellow student entrepreneurs that will motivate them to explore and build on their ideas, and further develop their skills as founders.

Tuduetso's startup, MatchAPro, is a healthcare software that uses API technology to match critical underserved patients in Southern Africa to travelling doctors who do pro-bono procedures.

Tuduetso was inspired to start MatchAPro after realizing that in Botswana, she always had to travel to get reliable specialist care and had to hop from pharmacy to pharmacy to find medication.

You can read more about Tuduetso and MatchAPro in her Founders Spotlight interview here.

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