Brastorne Expands To Guinea

Agritech startup Brastorne has announced that it is expanding its services to Guinea to address the country's connectivity gap.

Understanding that a large portion of the population works in agriculture, Brastorne has brought mAgri to Guinea to enable farmers to have unrestricted access to important information that will have a big impact on their lives. mAgri is a USSD mobile application that enables all farmers to promote their goods and services across the nation, changing how the agricultural community communicates.

In a country where there is only a 23 percent internet penetration rate as of the beginning of 2022, Brastorne might be well placed to serve an urgent need for connectivity.

“We're interested in understanding how we can make things work better for everyone and help grow communities through digital inclusion programs” says Martin Stimela, CEO of Brastorne.

Farmers will be able to gain access to farming expertise, markets, and short-term capital using this USSD platform, which allows them to sell their products and services across the country using any mobile phone. Farmers will not need to change anything about their way of life except to go forward in a new direction that will result in more productivity in their communities.

Brastorne also currently has a presence in the DRC and Cameroon.

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