BAC Francistown SRC President Committed to Accelerating School's Digital Development

Newly elected BAC Francistown campus SRC president Thabang Olebogeng has vowed to improve the school's digital value chains and provide innovative support structures during his tenure.

Speaking to BW TechZone, Olebogeng stated that among the seven key priorities to transform the school and the adjacent local communities, digital development features in two of them.

Priority two speaks on the development of digital value chains powered by digital innovation. Support structures for the value chain include the development of the EHostel Application system to ease the accommodation application process, an E-Clothing Store for the BAC Merchandise, a marketplace for the student entrepreneurs selling clothing, nail services. A Botswana based augmented reality traditional game, e-office portal enabling students to check availability of spaces in labs, classes. 

"We already have students in BAC that are taught how to develop mobile apps, web apps and even AI that can contribute to sustainable development. There is a platform called the North Digital Transformation hackathon initiative that has been existing for 3 years in the BAC community and has seen the development of innovations in the education , agriculture sector. This priority will see it that we support these initiatives," stated Olebogeng.

Additionally, priority three speaks on the introduction of student led structures that will help
achieve inclusivity. These structures include the Residential Council which consists of students whose primary agenda is to assess and compile reports on all things concerning student residences. The Clubs Association, whose aim is to manage the club activities in the community, will produce a timely database of all student clubs registered in BAC Francistown.

Olebogeng further stated that his cabinet and himself aim to support even existing platforms in BAC such as the Student Battlefield Investment Program and aim to seek for collaborative partnerships with High Level Stakeholders in the space of Business Development, ICT, Tourism and Hospitality, Finance and Banking etc to ensure effectual growth and development.

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