Facebook Has More Than 1 Million Users In Botswana, According To Report

According to data by DataPortal, Botswana has 1.03 million Facebook users, with the platform being the most used by the 1.10 million social media users in the country.

The number of social media users in Botswana at the start of 2023 was equivalent to 41.3% of the total population, but it’s also important to note that social media users may not represent unique individuals.

Meanwhile, data published in the ad planning tools of top social media platforms indicates that there were 1.01 million users aged 18 and above using social media in Botswana at the start of 2023, which was equivalent to 61.9% of the total population aged 18 and above at that time.

More broadly, 56.2 percent of Botswana’s total internet user base (regardless of age) used at least one social media platform in January 2023. At that time, 50.1 percent of Botswana’s social media users were female, while 49.9 percent were male.

Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn had 104 000, 165 000,and 340 000 respectively.

The bigger picture

Overall, Botswana has 1.95 million internet users at the start of 2023, with internet penetration standing at 73.5%. For perspective, these user figures reveal that 703.0 thousand people in Botswana did not use the internet at the start of 2023, suggesting that 26.5 percent of the population remained offline at the beginning of the year.

In terms of speeds, median mobile internet connection speed in Botswana increased by 10.09 Mbps (+43.9%) in the twelve months to the start of 2023 from 33 Mbps.

Meanwhile, Ookla’s data shows that fixed internet connection speeds in Botswana increased by 0.69 Mbps (+10.1%) during the same period from 7.5 Mbps.
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