Former BD&IH CEO Joins Inq. As Managing Director

Former Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub acting CEO Tshepo Tsheko is joining inq. as managing director.

inq. is a global edge solutions provider & prides itself in providing innovative, business-relevant services in Edge AI & IoT for Edge Cloud & Elastic Edge.

The company claims that since 2013, it has made it its mission has been to be the number one innovative edge solutions provider on the African continent, focusing on Edge Computing. It currently has operation in nine African countries.

Edge computing refers to allows devices in remote locations to process data at the "edge" of the network, either by the device or a local server. And when data needs to be processed in the central datacenter, only the most important data is transmitted, thereby minimizing latency.

On March 31st, BW TechZone exclusively reported that Tsheko would not be assuming the role of CEO at BD&IH following a lack of consensus within the organization's board on the permanency of his position.

BD&IH officially announced his departure last week and stated that he will be succeeded, also in acting capacity, by Diane Mongudi.

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