FNBB Explains Deductions From Customers' Accounts

This morning, First National Bank Botswana customers woke up to deductions made by the bank on swipe transactions made in early and mid March.

On April 25th, the bank announced via text messages to customers that due to a system error, deductions for purchases made between March 12th and March 27th were to be delayed, further stating that the deductions would be made on the 27th of April.

Despite the earlier warning, it seems like most customers were caught off guard.

The bank has since come out with statement to clarifying the deductions. According to FNBB, the deductions are not duplicated but rather transactions were made by customers on other banks’ PoS machines and e-commerce platforms via credits and debit cards, between 12 to 27 March 2023 and were not deducted at the time due to a technical error.

"Any banking charges incurred as a result of these deductions will be automatically reversed by the bank by Tuesday, 9th May 2023, this is in cases where the account is overdrawn and charged honouring/ overlimit fees," the bank explained.

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