Founder of "Drones for Africa" Wins "Mastercard Women SME Leaders" Award

Marang Mbaakanyi, founder & CEO of local startup Drones for Africa, has won the "Tech Leader" award in the 2023 edition of the Mastercard Women SME Awards.

The awards recognize and empower women-owned and run SMEs across the Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa. They also highlight the individuals and enterprises that are shaping the future of this dynamic region.

The award category is to recognize a woman SME leader in the technology sector who has made a positive contribution to the industry in MEA – This includes running a tech business, or creating a digital products and solutions.

Drones for Africa is a 100% female citizen owned company offering training for drone pilots, repair and maintenance services, data analytics, as well as last-mile services in agriculture, mining, real estate, insurance, and public safety.

The company also has a Research and Development Center where they develop new approaches to investigate and develop the drone market and we are work with different stakeholders to see how they can best grow the drone space in Botswana and eventually be able to fabricate and assemble drones locally.

Image source: The Voice

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