GreyX Group Launches AI-Powered Virtual Tutoring Platform

Grey X Group's subsidiary, Grey Galactic, has launched GreyEd, an AI-powered virtual tutoring platform designed to transform the educational landscape and make quality education accessible to students around the globe.

GreyEd is an innovative learning platform that leverages advanced artificial intelligence technology to provide students with personalized, interactive learning experiences tailored to their unique needs. By offering expert guidance in a wide range of subjects, GreyEd aims to bridge the gap in education and empower students to excel in their studies.

Key features of GreyEd include:

1. Expert virtual tutors: GreyEd's AI-driven tutors are highly knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, including those from Cambridge, IB, and Metric curricula. The platorm is contnuously updated to stay in line with the latest syllabuses, ensuring students receive the most accurate and relevant guidance.

2. Customizable learning paths: The platorm allows students to create tailored learning paths, focusing on specific subjects or areas they wish to improve.

3. Accessibility and inclusivity: GreyEd supports over 100 languages, making quality education accessible to students worldwide. The platform is committed to creating an inclusive learning environment that caters to learners of all backgrounds and abilities.

4. Community and support: GreyEd fosters a collaborative learning community where students can interact with peers and seek guidance from expert educators. This support system ensures students have the resources they need to succeed in their educatonal pursuits.

"GreyEd's launch marks a significant milestone in the mission to revolutonize educaton and democratze access to high-quality learning experiences. By leveraging cutng-edge AI technology, GreyEd has the potental to reshape the future of educaton and pave the way for a new era of learning," said Monti Kgengwenyane, CEO of Grey X Group

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