Startup and Co-Innovation Hub Launched In Francistown

Spaghetti Valley innovation house has been launched in Francistown. The space, located along the Marang Road, plot no 6206/1 will house innovators and creatives from the city of Francistown.

Some incentives on the facility include free Wifi connectivity co-working as well co-living. The launch was officiated by the CEO of Abaricom, acting CEO of Botswana Innovation Hub, and director of the government online project.

Following its tagline of "WHERE COLLABORATIONS SPARKS BREAKTHROUGHS", the space seeks to be a place where startup founders, established entrepreneurs, government and private stakeholders can meet and collaborate.

"As we celebrate and accelerate this historic launch, we applaud our partners BOCRA, Nissan NTT Francistown, Ministry of Communication, Knowledge and Technology, as well as Mr Tom Prince. The work is not done yet and we are looking for those willing to partner with us as we grow the hub and make it the go-to place for all round collaboration," said Mooketsi Tekere, co-founder of the hub.

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