Letshego Doubles Down On Affordable Housing and Digitalisation

Letshego Botswana’s recently appointed Country CEO and Regional Executive for Lesotho and Eswatini has affirmed his commitment to maintaining Letshego Botswana’s momentum in diversifying its product offering while leveraging the merits of digitalisation to build a sustainable, and future-fit business strategy. 

Shortly before Bannalotlhe’s appointment, the finance provider entered the housing sector for the first time with its flagship solution ‘Affordable Housing’.  Now the Group’s leading subsidiary by profits is maintaining its focus on delivering choice for its customers while aligning with the new Country’s CEO "commitment to broadening Letshego Botswana’s products and commercial prospects to achieve a demonstrable social impact."

"We are broadening and deepening our reach and delivery for our customers by continuously increasing product quality and choice.  In the second half of 2023 we look forward to expanding the opportunities that our Affordable Housing solution brings, extending the reach of Instant Loans and increasing support for a critical segment of our emerging economy, Micro and Small Entrepreneurs," said Kgotso Bannalotlhe, Letshego Botswana CEO and Regional Executive for Lesotho and Eswatini.

Bannalotlhe further added that by using digital means, the initiative aims to not discriminate against any Motswana regardless of location.

"We do not discriminate on where we finance land or affordable homes – we embrace the wide representation of Batswana across our country.  Our purpose of ‘improving lives’ means we support our customers wherever they may be located, delivering on our promise to be inclusive, affordable and accessible.  Thanks to Letshego’s investment in technology and digitisation, our customers can access our solutions from rural locations, without a physical branch," added Bannalotlhe.

Letshego Botswana recently announced their partnership with Mascom to bring quick and easy micro-loans to more customers with a few simple taps on their mobile phones.  Small business owners are also bridging cash flow gaps by accessing Purchase Order Financing solutions through their mobile phones.  In the last financial year, Letshego Botswana claims to have more than doubled the value of finance given to small businesses.

"Letshego is evolving its sustainable business strategy to be future-fit and resilient as we navigate ever-changing market dynamics.  The benefits of digital enhance every part of our operations, including innovative additions to our products, enhanced governance frameworks, as well as on the people side with streamlined organisational designs that continuously adapt to support a growing business that keeps up with an emerging and developing economy," concluded Bannalotlhe.

-Image source: Sunday Standard

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