Fintech Association of Botswana Opens Applications for Exco and Technical Assistance Committees

The Fintech Association of Botswana is pleased to announce its inaugural Annual General Meeting (AGM), marking a pivotal event in the Association’s journey. As a unified platform for fostering innovation, collaboration, and growth in the financial technology sector, the Fintech Association is inviting passionate and dedicated individuals to step forward and apply for positions on its Executive Committee (Exco) and Technical Assistance Committees.

The AGM, scheduled to take place virtually on Friday, 25 August 2023, will provide an opportunity for members of the fintech community to come together, reflect on the industry's accomplishments, and outline a strategic path forward. The event will include insightful discussions and presentations from thought leaders.

The Fintech Association is committed to driving the industry's evolution by harnessing the collective expertise of its members. To this end, the Association is seeking enthusiastic professionals with a deep understanding of fintech trends, technology innovation, regulatory landscapes, and business acumen to join its Exco and Technical Assistance Committees.

Executive Committee (Exco): The Exco plays a pivotal role in guiding the Association's strategic direction, shaping policies, and ensuring alignment with industry best practices. As an Exco member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to high-level decision-making, engage with stakeholders, and drive impactful initiatives that will shape the future of fintech in Botswana.

Technical Assistance Committee: The Technical Assistance Committee will focus on in-depth exploration and analysis of specific fintech domains. These committees delve into critical areas such as blockchain technology, cybersecurity, digital payments, AI-driven solutions, commercialization and other key areas. By joining the Technical Assistance Committee, you will collaborate with experts in the field, exchange insights, and play a vital role in shaping industry standards.

"We are excited to welcome new voices and fresh perspectives to our Exco and Technical Assistance Committees. The fintech landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and we believe that diverse expertise is essential to navigating these changes successfully," said Stephen Adom, Acting President of the Fintech Association. "This AGM is a unique platform for individuals to make a significant impact on the industry's trajectory."

Applications for both the Exco and Technical Assistance Committees are now open. Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications by 5pm CAT on Tuesday, 22 August.

To apply for the Exco and Technical Assistance roles, please use the links below:

AGM Registration: 

Exco Nominations: 

Technical Assistance Committee Nominations: 

Nomination Guidelines

Deadline for Submission: Tuesday, 22 August at 5pm CAT

1. Nominations can be made on behalf of oneself or another individual,

2. Nominees will be assessed by the Board and communicated with to confirm acceptance of nomination,

3. Final candidate profiles will be sent to members who’ve registered for the AGM on Thursday, 24 August by 1pm

4. Elections will take place during the AGM on Friday, 25 August

About the Fintech Association of Botswana:

The Fintech Association of Botswana is a legally formed Association under the Societies Act of Botswana that serves to be the unified voice for all Fintech stakeholders dedicated to advancing the Fintech sector through collaboration, innovation, and thought leadership. The Association aims to foster an environment conducive to growth and development in the ever-evolving world of financial technology, through interactions and activities with the entire Fintech ecosystem in Botswana and beyond.

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