How BrainSTREAM and Edustore Africa Are Equipping Botswana Children With Tech Education

The fast-paced and ever-changing nature of today’s world has led to great strides being made in terms of technological advancements over the last few decades. New discoveries are made every day and trends change regularly. As a result, many of us have found ourselves having to adapt or quickly be left behind.

According to research, introducing young children to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is a driving force behind innovation and progress, and a crucial step in building globally competitive skills and encouraging creative thinking amongst the youth. Today, the STEM field has evolved, encompassing other disciplines as well, such as robotics and arts. Encouraging STREAM subjects in children can provide a head start for future innovators and leaders, who can make an impact in career fields that are growing in popularity today, such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology and renewable energy.

BW TechZone talked to two local businesses at the Gaborone Consumer Electronics and Technology Show 2023, who have been working tirelessly to provide means for parents and educators to integrate these disciplines into early childhood education.

BrainSTREAM is a local innovation centre providing educational programs which implement STREAM education. They aim to equip children with 21st-century skills, and foster a truly innovative generation. We spoke to Mohit Lohani, a STEM Product and Curriculum Designer, who gave many examples of how more emphasis on STREAM-based subjects can make great improvements to growth and innovation in Botswana. Lohani spoke on how STREAM subjects encourage problem-solving in children, and can open doors to make great improvements in fields such as agriculture. Lohani also emphasised the importance of involving parents in such initiatives, by getting them to fully appreciate just how technologically inclined today’s youth is, and why it would be of great benefit to their children to venture into STREAM-based careers in future.

Similarly, Edustore Africa is a non-governmental organisation which offers STEAM learning resources for schools, clubs and home learning. They envision an empowered youth that hold valuable and well-rounded skills. We also had the opportunity to speak to an employee of the NGO, who expressed how he believes that there is a great benefit in encouraging STEAM based subjects. He expressed that these subjects are very important for teaching soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity and adaptability. He believes that cultivating such skills will be crucial in tackling the crisis of youth unemployment.

Such initiatives are indicative of a nation embracing the ever-evolving nature of society. It is imperative that we invest in our future by investing in the children of today. With STREAM education, we can cultivate valuable life skills in the youth, such as communication, problem solving, resilience, leadership and critical thinking.

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