How PCG Software Is Helping To Advance The Digitization Mandate In Botswana

Businesses in Botswana have made significant attempts at embracing digital transformation. It has become widely accepted that digitalization is not just a trend, but an essential strategy to maintain competitive relevance and improve efficiency in the workplace. With the added advantages of increased productivity, advance decision-making, cost savings, and innovation, these business solutions make for a critical investment for organisations of all sizes.

BW TechZone had the opportunity to talk to a major software development company about the services they provide and how they can benefit business owners at the recent Gaborone Consumer Electronics & Technology Show.

PCG Software is a software engineering company that offers digital solutions ranging from mobile app development, enterprise software development, software maintenance and digital marketing services. Upon interviewing one Michael Mavuso, the Operations Manager at PCG Software, we got some insight into some of the services the company provides. Mavuso gave us a look into 1Gov, an digital portal that intends to make acquiring of public services easier and more efficient. This, he believes, is just one of many ways Botswana can continue on its journey in technological growth and innovation.

When asked about consistency in businesses using these services, Mavuso lamented that there is sometimes a tendency for business owners to fall back into outdated models and practices. However, he added that this not necessarily for a lack of interest in these modern solutions. He expressed great optimism, commenting that many business owners are growing more and more aware of the fast changes in business and technology, and companies cannot afford to find themselves left behind. He added that PCG Software makes active efforts to maintain its client base by providing services that will continually benefit their customers, such as software maintenance to fix bugs and issues, and avenues for customers to express dissatisfaction for the company to address.

Mavuso claims that, “firstly, providing up-to-date software, and secondly, continuous marketing [to the public],” can ensure that companies like PCG Software can provide business owners with digital solutions that streamline their business models using cutting edge technology; a win for all parties involved.

In a world that is constantly changing, it is important to be able to adapt. Not just to new developments in technology, but also to the attitudes of your customer base. An unwavering commitment to embracing digital transformation can help ensure that Botswana based businesses can help secure their place in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

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