Swopanything, A Barter Online Marketplace, Launched In Botswana

Embracing digital innovations is meant to enhance and simplify the quality of life of the individual. initiatives that want to position themselves at the forefront of digital transformation in Botswana need to be creative, practical and attainable in their business models. That is what Swopanything is planning to do in the Botswana market.

Swopanything is an online marketplace and social community platform that was officially launched at the Gaborone Consumer Electronics & Technology Show. This free app is meant to be an easy and user-friendly digital platform that will allow people to buy and sell products as well as skills and services via a bartering/exchange system.

Founded by Edward Bouwer, a Netherlands-born and South Africa-based entrepreneur, the platform has raised $10m that will be used to expand the company's online bartering platform across the world.

BW TechZone had the opportunity to talk to speak to a Swopanything employee. She described this initiative as a “modern-day bartering system”. She went on to explain that it is important to stay up to date with emerging tech trends, and Swopanything is an illustration of just that. From individuals trying to declutter their homes, to freelancers looking to source clients, Swopanything hopes to be a platform that can offer anyone an easy and reliable means to achieve one’s goals.

This platform aims to empower Batswana by fostering a culture of sharing and collaborating, making it easier for individuals and businesses to buy and sell items, and advertise and exchange the goods and services that they provide. The app will also have a rating system, where individuals can rate their experiences with other users, to help safeguard users and encourage honest interactions.

But what happens if more than one person is interested in a particular product or service? Sites such as Bidorbuy and eBay allow for people to make offers on products with the highest taking the prize?

How will this work on SwopAnything.com?

Bouwer says they have decided to take a “hands-off” approach to how people conclude fractions. Their job is simply to bring people with products and services together with those who need them.

Swopanything can become a one-stop shop for anyone looking for a mutually beneficial exchange. By connecting people with skill sharers that can provide expertise, and local services that can connect you to the right person for the job, the act of trading can become much easier. Additionally, it could have a positive impact on building a circular economy, by encouraging individuals to reuse items. This can reduce waste and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

The business model for the platform will be based on advertising. The more people that visit the platform, the more advertising SwopAnything will be able to sell. Without financial transactions, the company cannot charge the typical transaction fees found on other sites, making it free for users.

When asked about how this initiative can be carried out of urban and suburban areas to more remote places, the Swopanything employee stated that, “[in future] we will be partnering with tech giants to extend our reach, and take it from mall-to-mall, and village-to-village.”

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