In Conversation: Abby Gagobepe, (Client Relations Representative, Xhaio)

BW TechZone caught up with a representative of Xhaio at the Gaborone Consumer Electronics & Technology Show to get more info on their product offerings.

May you start by giving me an overview of your company and what you specialise in?

Xhaio is a business trading under Print Afrique. We sell smart interactive screens. We also have another company called We Drive, and under that we sell electric scooters. There’s one that can go up to 80km, but can cover 100km, costing P25,000. We have one that goes up to 60km and costs P13,000. The last one can go up to 20km, and that one is P4,000.

In your opinion, what do you think is cool about the electric scooters?

You can use it for short-distance trips like going to the shops, especially the one that goes up to 20km. You can use it to run a few errands if you won’t carry heavy stuff. You can maybe pack it with you on a date. That’s another thing, the smallest scooter is foldable and you can carry it with you. You also don’t have to use petrol; you just charge it and you’re good to go. In terms of maintenance, I wouldn’t say it’s high maintenance.

Do you guys have any other special products or discounts that people can look forward to?

For now, we’re still cooking something that I cannot disclose just yet. But yeah, we are going to feature some stuff under Xhiao. We’re located in the CBD. We share a building with statistics, just opposite Hotel 4:30. So you guys can come and check us out. We can offer discounts on the scooters and the smart screens, depending on how many items you purchase.

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