Bolt Launches In Gaborone

Ride-hailing platform Bolt has announced that it is launching in Gaborone today, 28 February. According to the company, so far 100 drivers have joined the platform. Currently, inDrive is the only ride-hailing platform available in the country.

As part of the launch, drivers can expect to keep 100% of the money paid by riders for the first 6 months. After that, the platform will start charging commission per ride which is usually between 15% and 20%. Additionally, drivers will be required to have all the proper documentation to be onboarded into the platform. 

"We are thrilled to introduce our services in Botswana. Our aim is to increase earnings for our drivers while fostering high demand through competitive pricing. To achieve this, we've significantly reduced our commission rates compared to competitors, ensuring our drivers earn more and our service fees remain attractive. Our unwavering commitment to driver profitability and fairness underscores our belief that satisfied drivers translate into satisfied customers," said Laurent Koerge, Head of Expansion at Bolt.

Bolt has over 150 million customers in over 45 countries and over 500 cities across Europe and Africa. 

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