Mascom Inks Partnership With Starlink Competitor To Bring Satellite Connectivity to Botswana

Mascom has signed a deal with South African satellite company QKON for the latter to avail its Twoobi Smart Satellite Service in Botswana . The Twoobii satellite service will be integrated into the Mascom portfolio to ensure satellite internet service delivery anywhere in Botswana.

The Twoobii Smart Satellite Service includes advanced content management, quality-of-service and profile engineering that provides an elegant solution to meet the various business broadband challenges. Mascom customers can use the service to meet the performance demands which include providing voice, real-time video, and financial transaction services, especially in remote areas.

“Our partnership with Twoobii satellite service from Q-KON Africa will allow us to bring the full benefits of Smart Satellite Services to enterprises operating in “off-grid” or remote locations,” said Shimboy Kgosiemang, Chief Enterprise Business Officer at Mascom.

With Starlink, the low-orbit satellite internet service owned by Elon Musk's SpaceX having already submitted its application to operate in Botswana, it seems like Mascom, through the partnership, is looking to take them head-on. Starlink is currently facing regulatory issues in Botswana, with its application to operate still being vetted almost a year after it was first submitted.

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