Government Allocates P1.8 Billion for Innovation & Digital Transformation

The government of Botswana has set aside a budget of ofP1.83 billion to accelerate the implementation of programmes and projects geared towards innovation and digital transformation, according to Minister of Finance Peggy Serame's budget speech.

The budget will be expended through the Digital Transformation Strategy for Botswana which is spearheaded by SmartBots. In addition, implementation of the Village Connectivity programme Phases 2 and 3 which were planned for completion this financial year, will spill over to financial year 2024/2025. Furthermore, the preparation for the implementation of Phase 4 projects targeting more than 301 villages is progressing well and commencement is planned for April 2024 with completion expected in the same financial year.

According to government,170 online services, including but not limited to, licenses and permit applications, Societies Services, Private Security Services, Marriages Services, Social Services, Youth Services and Police Services have been successfully launched. In addition, a cumulative total of 400 online services are expected to be completed by the end of 2025/2026 financial year.

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