Research & Development Gets 280% Budget Increase From Government

The government of Botswana will increase the budget allocated to research and development projects will increase from P267 million to P 1 billion, a 280% increase. This was announced by Minister of Finance Peggy Serame during the budget speech on February 6.

"In a time where knowledge holds immense value, there is a need to build capacity for generating novel knowledge, while at the same time closing the gap between basic research findings and transforming the same findings for practical use and economic benefit," Serame said.

The Research and Development Programme, through the Research Fund and other research windows, will drive research across strategic intervention categories such as Mining, Minerals and Mineral beneficiation; Human Health and Social Sciences; Food and Agriculture; Livestock and Veterinary Research, Water, Environment and Climate Change, among others.

To protect intellectual property coming from the R&D efforts, the government has also set up an Intellectual Property Motshelo Scheme and an Intellectual Property Ideas Incubation Centre.  The Intellectual Property Motshelo Scheme will be an all-encompassing scheme that includes large enterprises, start- ups as well as Small and Medium Enterprises to ensure that the benefits of the IP are widespread. "This will empower Batswana to own and exploit Intellectual Property assets with commercial potential, added Serame. "This will also ensure the protection of such assets with the support of an oversight body together with the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority. "

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