Batswana Have Negative Sentiments Towards Leading Brands, States Report

According to the Botswana Consumer Sentiments report by Seriti Insights, most Batswana on social media have negative sentiments towards the leading retail, banking and telco companies in the country. Using their proprietary AI tool, the study sought to give companies an insight into what consumers are saying about them on social platforms.

The report shows that overall, 86% of sentiments about retail, banking and telco companies in the country were negative. Telcos bore most of the brunt, with the report finding that about 50% of sentiments about the companies in the sector were negative. It was followed by banking and retail sectors at 23% and 13% respectively.

Taking into consideration all sectors, Orange led the charge with 30% of social media commentary. It was followed by Mascom and FNBB at 18% and 15% respectively. However, despite this brand awareness, the top 8 brands accounted for 85% of negative sentiments.

"The outcomes of this report hold significant potential for the concerned industries and brands to identify key areas of concern and prioritize their efforts towards enhancing the overall customer experience," said Seriti Insights.

You can download the full report here.

Image source: Seriti Insights

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