BOCRA Extends KYC Registration Deadline To 30 June

The Botswana Communication Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) has extended the deadline for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) registration to 30 June 2024.

According to a statement from BOCRA, the extension is meant to allow subscribers additional opportunity to comply with the KYC process following low numbers of compliant SIM cards recorded to date. 

"The low number of compliant SIM is attributable, in part, to expired National Identity cards (Omang) and incompatible foreign identity documentation which are rejected by the registration system," BOCRA said.

The regulator also stated that KYC-compliant numbers as of 28 March 2024 stood at 2,137,980 against a total subscriber base of 4,411,589 which translates to 48.46%, meaning that more than half of KYC-eligible SIM cards were yet to be registered.

"BOCRA strongly advises and encourages subscribers to utilise the window provided by the extension of time to complete the KYC process for their respective numbers to avoid service disruption and disconnection," the regulator concluded.

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