Botswana Has 2nd Fastest Mobile Internet In Africa, But 4th Worst Fixed Broadband Internet, According To Data

According to data from the Speedtest Global Index, Botswana has the second fastest mobile internet speeds in Africa, averaging 43.79 MBps and only trailing South Africa. Globally, the country ranks 62nd. However, when it comes to fixed broadband internet, Botswana, with an average speed of 7.25MBps, ranks 4th worst in Africa, only being better than Niger, The Gambia and Burundi. Globally, the country ranks 175th out of 181 surveyed countries.

"The acknowledgement of Botswana's internet as the fastest in Africa reflects our commitment to cultivating a digitally inclusive society," said Keabetswe Segole, acting CEO of Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet). "This achievement highlights our ongoing endeavours to enable all citizens to participate in the digital economy."

However, many Batswana on social media disagreed with the report, with most stating that Botswana's mobile internet speeds were nowhere close to what was being reported. "If Botswana ranks second then the standards for mobile internet speeds in Africa are ridiculously low," said one social media user.

Image source: YourBotswana

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