Meeticks Africa's "Change At The Till" Campaign Seeks To Make Botswana Green

“Change At The Till” is a Change Campaign powered by Meeticks Africa and the  community at large which seeks to: 

• drive awareness around the harms of plastic bag usage in our environment; 

• shift consumers cultures and behavior regarding plastic-usage; and 

• save consumers “change” (money) while making change (impact)!  

“Change at the Till” educates, engages and enables transformation through social media platforms, with the help of social media influencers, and through the  Meeticks Change Chatbot – an auto-responding WhatsApp number (+267 7538 9804) that gives quick lessons, quizzes and challenges and offers incentives and  rewards to participants. These interactions will highlight the actual expense of  plastic shopping bags over time, and help show consumers the ways in which a  reusable shopping bag helps save them money as well as the environment,  encouraging literal “change” at the till. The first phase of the Campaign is currently running, and will continue throughout the peak shopping season leading to  Christmas. 

The Change At The Till campaign presents an opportunity for everyone to get  involved in #makingChange, from consumers, to SMEs, NGO’s, Government, as well  as corporates and their stakeholders wanting to deliver value aligned to their ESG goals. 

To participate in the challenges, follow us on Facebook at “Change At The Till”, WhatsApp “Hi” to +267 75 389 804. 

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