Seriti Insights Wins BD&IH Innovation Day Pitch Competition

Local martech startup has won the Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BD&IH) Innovation Day pitch competition., is an online media intelligence and social listening tool that seeks to educate and inform its clients on the value of tracking, monitoring, and analysis of marketing data.

Using artificial intelligence and applied machine learning, mines historical and real-time data to help brands and companies understand consumer sentiments for insightful decision-making, no matter their language and style in linguistics. 

It is designed to learn and understand natural language and is able to understand Setswana and social media lingo/slang. It also gives emotions behind opinions and gives insights into what the public perception is, of the user's topic of interest, rendering it a bot with artificial intelligence capabilities with a user target comprising of marketing agencies, advertising teams, brand builders, and managers by helping them to manage their brand reputation, identify online mentions, gain consumer intelligence, and more using a mix of algorithms that capture and comprehend 87% of data that is missed by traditional media tools that would otherwise be left out.

The startup which recently got selected as part of Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) Nigeria's SeedR program.won P50,000 for finishing first and were followed by Ipachi Mobile in second place who won P30,000 and Slash Deals in third place who won P10,000.

Leading up to the Innovation Day, BD&IH also held a hackathon challenge where participants were invented to create an online auction platform. Five finalists were invited to present their solutions to judges and after deliberation, Genesis Innovasol came first and won themselves P60,000, followed by Rooster Tech who won P20,000 and Cloud Native in third place who won P10,000.

Images source: Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub

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