Government To Spend P2.62 billion On Digital Transformation

Minister of finance Peggy Serame has announced that government has allocated a total of P2.62 billion for digital transformation projects this financial year, an intitative she described as being central to Botswana's national development agenda.

Delivering the national budget yesterday, Serame stated that Botswana's goal of achieving high-income country status by 2036 rests primarily on the strength of its digital ecosystem, especially access to affordable information and ICT infrastructure.

To that end, Serame added, efforts were being made by government to accelerate digital connectivity nationwide by moving government services online, and leveraging smart technologies to address food security.

Other digital transformation initiatives include analogue to digital TV migration as well as the implementation of a digital competency framework  aimed at building the digital literacy of the general public and the public service.

Serame also stated that  Phases 2 and 3 of the Village Connectivity Project, targeting 61 villages and 212 public facilities, would commence in March while preparations for Phase 4, targeting more than 301 villages, would commence in 2023/24 financial year.

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