DumaFM Is Botswana's Most Valuable Private Radio Station, According To BOCRA

According to BOCRA's annual report for 2022, Duma FM is the most commercially successful radio station in Botswana, outperforming Gabz FM and Yarona FM when it comes to attractingadvertising revenue. Duma FM's market share was 42%, compared to Gabz FM's 32% and Yarona FM's 26%.

The report also states that all the radio stations also exceeded the 40% quota for local content, with Duma FM achieving over 60% followed by Yarona FM with 50% and Gabz FM at 40%. 

Yarona FM also achieved a 99.5% connectivity rate, followed by Duma FM with 99.48% and Gabz FM at 80%. The BOCRA target is 99.90%.

Coverage-wise, all the radio stations fell short of their expected coverage with Duma FM achieving 81.26% of a 92% expected coverage, followed by Gabz FM at 78.25% of an expected 91% and Yarona FM at 72.39% coverage of an expected 92% coverage.

Mascom's Mobile Telephony Dominance is Waning

Mascom market share stood at 43% of all mobile subscribers, Orange at 39%, and BTC at 18%. Mascom’s market share decreased by 2 percentage points from 45% recorded in the previous year. Orange market share increased by 1 percentage point from 38% and BTC market share increased by 1 percentage point from 17%. The increase in forces of competition such as prices, new services, promotions, and commensurate consumer demand have played a significant role in the above market share changes.

Prepaid users made up 96% of all subscriptions, compared to 4% of postpaid subscriptions.

121% Increase In Fixed Broadband Internet Subscriptions In Last Five Years

Between March 2018 and March 2022, subscriptions for fixed broadband internet showed an approximate 121% increase from 50,514 subscriptions. Mascom led the market with a 43.5% share, followed by Orange with 30.6% and BTC with 25.9%.

In the mobile broadband internet category, growth was 60% in the period between March 2018 and March 2022. Subscriptions in the period went from 1,523,545 to 2,435,485.

Orange Continues Mobile Money Dominance

Orange's mobile money market share stood at 53%, compared to Mascom's 36% and BTC's 9%.  

Between March 2018 and March 2022, mobile money accounts increased by 95%, going from 851,719 to 1,662,843.

Elsewhere On The Report

According to BOCRA's report, Sprint Couriers continues to dominate the commercial postal operator market with a market share of 69.6%, followed by Botswana Post with 20.9% and DHL with 3%. Aramex comes in fourth with 2.5%.

.bw domain names saw an increase of 620 registrations, bringing a total of 11,029 registered domain names so far.
All data graphics courtesy of BOCRA
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