PulaSpace Launches Code Clubs In Selibe Phikwe and Mmadinare

Local startup PulaSpace has announced that it is launching code clubs in Selibe Phikwe and Mmadinare in collaboration with Abaricom,  Yarona  Fm,  U.S  Agency  for  Global Media,  Horizons  Investments,and  the Ministry  of  Education  and  Skills  Development.

The launch event will be held of Wednesday March 8th in the Selibe Phikwe-Mmadinare region during international Women's Day under the theme #Digital4All. The aim of the clubs is to empower  young  people with computer programming skills.

The code clubs will provide a platform for young people to learn coding skills and gain practical experience in software development. In launching this new initiative the U.S Agency for Global Media populary known as Voice of America ( VoA) will be the host and will offer a tour of its technology broadcasting  facilities  to  40  girls  from  20+  schools  in  the  Selibe  Phikwe  and  Mmadinare  region  in Botswana.  

Speaking at the event pre-  launch  brief,  the  Acting  Minister  of  Agriculture,  Hon.  Molebatsi  Shimane Molebatsi,  emphasized the importance of digital coding technology skills for the future of Botswana's economy.  

"We need to prepare our youth for the digital jobs of tomorrow,  and coding skills will be crucial to their success," he said. 

The code clubs will offer virtual and physical weekly after-school sessions for students aged 9-12 and 13-18 years old. Participants will learn how to code using languages such as Python, HTML, and CSS, and will have the opportunity to work on real-world projects with the guidance of experienced mentors from Pulaspace global networks such as Coderdojo, Codeclub  and Raspberry Pi. The new code club initiative is given the brand asset “Hands-On-Code™".  

"We  believe that  the  NEW  code clubs  will  be  a  transformative experience  for  the  youth in Botswana," said the General Partner of the tech startup- PULASPACE, Mr. Mooketsi Bennedict Tekere. 

"Our aim is to  inspire  young  people  to  make,  create,  invent with Hands-On-Code™  and  become  the  next generation of software developers, digital entrepreneurs, and disruptive innovators for the world." 

For more information about Pulaspace and its new code club initiative and how to get involved contact 

Mooketsi@pulaspace.com OR handsoncodebw@gmail.com       

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