Decoder: What Is Twitter's "Rate Limit Exceeded Warning" And How To Remove It

Twitter users from around the world are facing some challenges while trying to tweet, view tweets or follow other accounts. 

This issue stems from a bug that has emerged in response to the recent restrictions imposed on user activity within the platform. Numerous users took to Twitter on Saturday to express their frustrations, reporting that they were receiving "Rate Limit Exceeded" warnings. Essentially, this means that they had reached the limit set by the site for the number of tweets or new accounts they could follow within a specific timeframe.

The site, for example, has disabled people without Twitter accounts from viewing tweets. This means that sharing tweets outside the platform would pretty much be forbidden. The rate limit warning might, in the future, be only removed via paying for Twitter Blue.

Whether these changes are permanent remains to be seen as Twitter has not officially acknowledged them. However, it would not be surprising if there were as Twitter puts more effort into arm-twisting users to Twitter Blue.

UPDATE: Elon has stated in tweets that the purpose of the limits, which are said to be temporary, is to "address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation". Verified accounts will be limited to viewing 10,000 tweets a day, unverified accounts to 800 tweets and newly unverified accounts to 400 tweets a day.

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