ChatGPT Is Coming to iOS: Here Is How It Will Work

Apple Intelligence is the core of generative AI features in iOS 18, but Apple will also let users sign in with their OpenAI account and use ChatGPT models as well.

Once connected, users can select ChatGPT as their model to use inside Siri and as part of the new intelligent writing tools and other features across iOS 18, iPadOS 18 and macOS Sequoia.

The new integration will be fairly seamless inside conversations with Siri. When Siri detects that ChatGPT would help answer a question or complete a task, Siri will ask permission to share with ChatGPT. Once granted, Siri will share the question, text or image with ChatGPT and provide the answer right back.The ChatGPT integration extends the free Apple Intelligence functionality built into the OS. For example, if you ask Siri a question that it can’t answer, it could hand off to ChatGPT instead to respond to the query.

This will work in photos and documents, Apple said, and it will answer questions, provide writing support and more.Apple customers will be able to access the latest version of ChatGPT for free, and existing OpenAI paid subscribers will be able to link their accounts, Apple explained. That suggests that there will be a certain level of service for free, but those with an OpenAI subscription will have access to additional features.

Apple Intelligence, however, may be limited to specific devices as well as specific versions of iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. Apple said that it would be available on iPhone 15 Pro, MacBook Pro and iPad, which could be due to high computing requirements for these intensive AI operations.

Apple is not abandoning all of its own AI initiatives, however. While this integration will handle higher-order challenges, what the company refers to as Apple Intelligence will be available for many more tasks. Interestingly, Apple Intelligence will work on-device, using a local AI model and local chips, providing for a higher level of privacy than most cloud-based AI offerings.

Finally, and most importantly, Apple is essentially treating OpenAI as a plugin. Apple said other AI models would become available over time, and users could choose which to use.That means any AI models developed in the future which surpass ChatGPT will be easy to add, and if Apple Intelligence eventually grows to a high-enough level of quality, Apple could potentially take third-party sources out entirely.

Apple indicated that it is working on partnerships with other AI model makers to give users more options in the future. So, although OpenAI’s ChatGPT will be the only option to start, you can expect Google Gemini and other models to be offered in the future.

Info source: Forbes & 9to5Mac

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